Agnes Ethel Beardmore, Franks’ youngest sister, was born on June 28th 1884. Her twin sister Ada survived only ten weeks.

Her niece Margaret wrote of her: “She was the delicate one who was rather expected to die with her twin but who survived 33 years after the last of her brother and sisters”.

Agnes married Leonard Arrowsmith in April 1910. Leonard was born on June 15th 1989. Arrowsmiths was a firm making supplies for the pottery industry. They lived first at Wolstanton, then Pipegate, then Whitmore and finally at Swynnerton. They had two daughters: Mary and Kathleen, born March 16th 1915. Mary had three sons: Pat, Peter, Richard, and one daughter: Madelaine. Kathleen also had three sons: Nicholas, Jonathan and Francis.

Agnes Ethel died on November 7th 1970. In old age she wrote the following letter to her nephew George Cedric Beardmore: