Richard’s older sister Ann was born on March 18th 1932. She was educated at Roundhay High School Leeds and at Leeds University where she received a degree with Honours in Social Studies. She worked as an Almoner attending to the elderly. She married Derek Evans in 1962 and moved to Canvey Island.

Ann died on Canvey Island on September 27th 2016. These were her brother Richard’s memories:

Ann and I were born in a council house on the outskirts of Leeds. Father worked for the Michelin Tyre Company in the city. In 1935 when I was only a few months old our family moved to Linton near Wetherby. We had a four berth caravan which was sited at Barmston near Bridlington. No mod cons like today’s caravans. We had no loo so had to use the camp toilets which were very smelly. We then had our own loo in a canvas tent by the caravan, that also was smelly, even worse was when ‘Dan the lav man’ came to empty the loos into a container on the back of his truck.

We had many happy holidays in that caravan, splashing about in the sea jumping up to avoid the incoming waves, playing on the beach and spending our pocket money on the camp slot machines. There was no shower or bath so mother washed Ann in a large tin bath, and I sat on the wooden draining board while I was sponged down with a natural sponge.

I remember both of us getting severely sunburnt one day so Mother covered us in calamine lotion; we had difficulty sleeping that night.

On September the 3rd 1939 WW2 broke out. Dad came over and took us home abruptly ending our holiday.

Our house became an ARP (Air Raid Precautions) post, Dad was a warden and Mother joined the CD. (Civil Defence) We took in two evacuees from London,we had lodgers from the Military and many sleepless nights listening to the bombers flying over on their way to drop bombs on Germany and the wailing air raid siren. It was comforting to hear the ‘all clear.’ We never had to use the air-raid shelter that Dad built under a rose bed in the garden!

In her ‘teens Ann did a lot of baby sitting and was very careful with the money she earned saving every penny! She joined the local Scottish Dancing group and also went ballet dancing. I remember packing cotton wool into her ballet shoes so she could stand on her toes like ballet dancers do. Mother and Ann crocheted squares from any bits of wool they lay their hands on to make into rugs for the patients at the Cheshire home (a care home for patients with Parkinsons Disese) in Spofforth.

Our house at Linton became a collection point for the local jumble sales at the village hall. Quite a lot of the donations never made it to the Hall! This possibly inspired Ann’s passion for selling at boot sales.

Ann had only three Morris Minors in her life the last one, a blue traveller she bought new in 1972 and is still in the family after over forty years. In fact she attended a boot sale on the Sunday before she fell ill.

Ann was educated at Roundhay High School Leeds where she passed school certificate then on to Leeds University where she got a degree with Honours in Social Studies. She worked as an Almoner attending to the elderly. Then she met Derek, married and moved to Canvey. Both Derek and Ann enjoyed selling at boot sales and after Derek died Ann kept up the work until her last day.