It is thought that Sampson Beardmore was born in 1658 in Alton, Staffordshire. He married Ellen Hunt on May 11th 1678 at  All Saints, Dilhorne. They had two children: Elizabeth (1680–1729) and Robert (1685-1727).

Samson’s bother Thomas was married twice. He and his first wife Prudence had a son Robert who was born in Alton on February 12th 1660. Robert was educated at Jesus College and became Curate at Kingsley in 1685. Thomas and Elizabeth Elks, his second wife, were married at Dilhorne on May 26th 1687. Thomas died in 1702. His will, proved on August 18th 1702, refers to his only son Robert and Robert’s three children.

Sampson and Ellen were both buried at Alton: Sampson on February 24th 1713 and Ellen on February 1st 1718.