Thomas Beardmore of Farley’s will was dated March 12th 1568 and proved on April 10th 1573. We only know of two children: Francis (died 1579) and William (died 1598) .

William’s wife was Ellen who had a son from her first marriage to Humphrey Hollerscroft. William’s will was proved on September 20th 1598. Ellen’s will was dated November 20th 1609 and proved December 17th.

Thomas may have been a descendant of Richard de Berdmore who died in 1295, leaving a son Richard by his first wife Matilda , and sons William and Robert by his second wife Philippa.

‘Berd’ = edge or rim, and ‘mor’ or ‘more’ = moor: A person living at the edge of a moor.

We are grateful to Olive Dale for sharing her extensive research on the Beardmores.